by  Chantal van Leeuwen

Her distinctive alchemy of artful mixology creates unique Artwork for Residential Interiors, Offices or Projects.
Chantal has made a collection of Contemporary Original Paintings.

"The Contemporary Time plays an important role in my paintings.
The time in which we live, that define our society.

Identity 'awakening in time and memory', the undergoing transformations.
A journey to an inner mature consciounsness. The process takes place in everyone's inner world'

For more information or 'Art Advise in your Interior', please contact Osmosis Interior

 Atlantis met lijst New DEF

Wormholes New 2023 Canvy

Schilderij Blauw Ocean Currents

Stylish bright living room 11 SMALL DEF

Ocean Currents

Modern kitchen and dining room

Fancy living room with fireplace 4


Stucco fireplace in living room 8

Stucco fireplace in living room 9 SMALL DEF


 Soul Space Travel Kopie Low Resolution

 Elegant living room with high ceiling 3

 Four Generations Klein formaat 

Modern living room with large colorful rug 1

image00025 klein

Noa klein formaat

Noa gezicht klein Formaat


Colorful flowers in ceramic vases



"My process starts by making the composition on canvas with papers and mixed media.
The creations of these compositions are fashioned in an abstract genre.
By making my Compositions and Color Palette I use my experiences as a Decorator in Fashion and Interior design"

"In my Artwork I mixed studies in techniques of the 17th Century Art, Contemporary and Figurative Arts.
Mediums I use consist of Oils, Acrylics, Charcoal and Silver & Gold Leaves."

Her work was exhibited in Luxembourg and she exhibits regurarly in Portugal and The Netherlands. 

Take a look at chantalvanleeuwen.com for more information about my Artwork.

Balletdanser Klassiek Schilderij DEF


Bright modern living room interior

Birdvrouw vrijstaand                   

Retail store interior wall 6


Resonant truth paarse bank Modern curved leather sofa


Deuren 3 luik Leather bench seat in spotlit hallway 4

Verzameling Kunst Sitting room with corner shelf and chair



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