OSMOSIS INTERIOR is driven by the love of Art & Crafts.
'After years of collecting Vintage Furniture, Objects and Artisan Art for decorating showrooms we became real collectors' 

‘About Chantal van Leeuwen’

Her distinctive alchemy of artful mixology creates unique Residential Interiors. 
She provides a fresh approach for all who wants to create a harmonious living environment. 

Chantal worked for twenty years as an Interior Decorator, counting Fashion Labels, Real Estate companies and Design Studios as clients with her company Osmosis Interior.
She even worked on a Dutch Television program. Her Interior projects dedicated to the highest levels of detail and creative expression. 
Now living in the Algarve of Portugal (Aljezur), she is focusing on her artwork, which has all been inspired by her past life experiences.
She owns her company Osmosis Interior as a Interior Decorator, Art Advisory and Artist.

With passion for Art, Chantal creates an artistic living environment as an Interior Decorator & Creator of Art.
Chantal will guide you to create an unique living for your Residential or Commercial Interior Projects. 

'The spaces in which we live and work can influence not only how we feel, also how we interact with others,
how productive we are and our resulting life experiences'


Ontwerp zonder titel 6 

 ‘About Rolf Bakx'

Born and raised in the southern part of The Netherlands with etiquette, broad orientation, creativity in words and action and above all freedom in thought and doing business alike.
Well over 30 years of experience in the Interior Design Industry, of which most recent years employed as a Director at international interior fabric house “The ROMO Group”. 
Ever since my early years I have been interested in design and vintage furniture, which led me to become a real collector.
A lot of designer objects passed through my fingers in both purchase and sales.

 Supervised a number of very large home renovations in the Netherlands. As a result I became familiarised with materialisation, layout, construction and design. 
Coming up with ideas how to furnish, dress and style showrooms and trade fairs always gave me a lot of energy and satisfaction. 

Living in Portugal since 2022 and currently independently renovating several houses;
adjusting the layout and design whilst using local vintage and natural building materials.

 Next to that, I still have plenty of room to let my creativity flow, more than ever, in the form of making art and
applying this growth to the previous mentioned homes.

‘About Art’

Chantal studied textile, fashion and interior design, where model drawing and compositions were a focal point.
“After my creative studies, I took lessons in drawing, abstraction and mixed techniques by different artists
and studied 17th-century painting techniques for three years.”


"In my Artwork I mixed studies in techniques of the 17th Century Art, Contemporary and Figurative Art.
A detail in a Landscape, an Antique object or Patterns of Interior or Fashion Fabrics inspires me to create my Artwork.
Mediums I use consist of Oils, Acrylics, Charcoal and Silver & Gold Leaves."

“The contemporary time in which we live inspires me. Identity ‘awakening in time and memory’
the undergoing transformations. A journey to an inner mature consciousness. The change process takes place in everyone’s inner world.”


"I collarborate with Interior Designers and Decorators for Residential Interiors in Amsterdam, UK, France and Portugal. 

Her Artwork was exhibited in Luxembourg, in Museums Portugal and she exhibits regularly in Portugal and The Netherlands. 

"I work ‘in the style of’ existing paintings from my collections and in colour schemes for your interior projects."

Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or to book an appointment to view available works.

Atelier ibased n Aljezur & Moncarapacho, Algarve Portugal


Stylish bright living room 11 SMALL DEF

Stucco fireplace in living room 9

Stucco fireplace in living room 8

Schilderij Blauw Ocean Currents

Ocean Currents

Interior Guarda kopie SMALL DEF


Library 1

Modern kitchen and dining room


Modern living room with large colorful rug 1


Elegant living room with high ceiling 2SMALL DEF

DEF Door of Comporta Door Deur Schilderij SMALL DEF


Verzameling Kunst Sitting room with corner shelf and chair


Colorful flowers in ceramic vases


Deuren 3 luik Leather bench seat in spotlit hallway 4


Modern living room with comfy chairs 1

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